5Analytics AI Platform FAQs

We are still collecting questions. If you have any question, feel free to contact us. We are happily answering all your questions regarding 5Analytics, the 5Analytics AI Platform and Artificial Intelligence in general.


What is the 5Analytics AI Platform?

The 5Analytics Enterprise AI platform enables companies to seamlessly integrate Machine Learning into their existing IT infrastructure. It runs on premise as well as in the cloud and allows companies to deploy robust and scalable AI solutions within hours. It also offers End-to-End security, monitoring and technical support.

Why the name "5Analytics"?

The name 5Analytics derives from "Johnny 5", the fictional robotic star of the Short Circuits movies. In fact, if you take a closer look at our company logo you will find that the design was inspired by Johnny 5’s physical appearance.

How does the 5Analytics AI Platform performance compare to other platforms?

The 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform is a AI and Machine Learning platform specifically designes for mission critical production use cases. It is lightweight, highly scalable and robust. It addresses the needs of enterprise IT departments and focuses on the use in production environments.

How thoroughly tested is the 5Analytics AI Platform?

Our software is thoroughly tested - we do unit tests, integration tests for each feature or functionality and extensive performance tests. Plus, customers like Telefonica and VW already use the platform for mission critical AI operations in their live environment - what better test could there be?

What are the future plans for the 5Analytics AI Platform?

We will further enhance our cloud offering and implement automatic scalability. Furthermore we will work on integrating special hardware like graphic boards as well as interfaces. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with further developments and exciting new features.

Whom do I contact for support?

For support please contact our team at support@5analytics.com. A support representative will be reviewing your request and send you a personal response (usually within 24 hours).

Is there any more information available on the 5Analytics AI Platform?

Please visit our Technical Documentation for further information: http://doc.5analytics.com/1.5/index.html

Where can I get the 5Analytics AI Platform?

Take the first step with the 5Analytics Community Edition and implement your machine learning solutions into productive IT operations. Register here: http://info.5analytics.com/community-edition-register To use the 5Analytics Plattform in a production environment at your company, please contact us at sales@5analytics.com

General Technical Questions

"Why can't I ...? Why won't ... work?" What to do in case of problems

If you are having trouble with your 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform, you should take the following steps:

What's the best hardware/operating system/... How do I get the most out of the 5Analytics AI Platform?

The 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform runs on most of todays hardware and most of currently available Linux systems. Hardware requirements are a up-to-date x86_64 CPU, approximately 4GB of RAM and 1 GB of disk space.

Error Log Messages and Problems Starting the 5Analytics AI Platform

API questions and errors calling the services

I get an "The exception: Function call '...' does not match Function Pattern" error.

The 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform requires functions to be named according to a predefined naming scheme. By default, every function name has to start with the fafun_ prefix. For example if your function is currently named simple then you have to rename it to fafun_simple and you have to call it with fafun_simple as well.

Configuration Questions

Why can't I run more than <n> script nodes?

Why do I get a "HTTP Status 401 - Forbidden" message whenever I try to access a particular function?


How can I rotate my log files?

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