Deploy R Code - 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform

Deploying script code as a JSON Web-Service

Setting the scripting language of the 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform

The 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform offers a choice of scripting languages you can choose from to develop your web services. To set scripting language, you have to alter the main configuration file /opt/ada/etc/ada.xml. To add a scripting language

	<engine factory="de.visionstec.R.RScriptEngineFactory" key="R">
		<parameter id="LIBRARY_PATH">var/lib/R</parameter>
		<parameter id="WORKING_DIRECTORY">var/code</parameter>

In the example above, the R scripting environment is loaded. Currently, the following scripting environments are available:

The parameters that you can set for each engine are specific to that engine, please refer to the documentation of each engine.

Create a Web-Service in R

Creating a Web-Service is extremely easy. You just have to define a function and the 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform will analyze your code and turn every function into a Web-Service with the same name.

For example, the following R script, lets call it hw.R

# a hello world web service
fafun_hello_world <- function() {
        return ("hello world");

will be turned into the following web service.


Deploy the script

To actually deploy the script, you need to upload it to the 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform. The AI Platform offers a WebDAV interface, which allows you to easily upload your files.

# upload file to server via webdav
> curl -u usr:pswd --digest -T hw.R 'http://localhost:5050/up/dav/'

Once you have uploaded the file the 5Analytics Enterprise AI Platform will load the code and establish the web service end point shown above. Now your Web-Service is ready to be queried.

> curl "http://localhost:5050/if/json/R/v1/fafun_hello_world?_token=test_token"
  "null": "hello world"
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